Feature of Talledge Open Forum

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Here are the basic Features of Talledge Open Forum -  http://office.talledge.com


Forum search option

    Social auth to allow user to login with Facebook, Google and 8 others

    Private Messages between forum member and admin

    Pages & Categories

    Custom Thread Fields

    User & Badges for active members

    Option to get notified for replies via your email

    User avatar to get the user mini profile

    User registration and reset password options but may be disabled

    4 advertisement spaces available

    Sticky Threads

    3 Forum Modes

    Public: General forum mode, in this mode the forum will be open for public to view public threads

    Private: Only register member will have the access to forum

    Maintenance: Forum not available to mods and members

    3 Thread Options (Who can see)

        Everyone: Everyone public (not private), members and all other can see the thread

        Members: Only registered members can see the thread

        Admins, Mods & Me: Creator, moderators and admins can see the thread

    3 Editors

        Redactor: Commercial HTML Editor

        SimpleDME: Markdown Editor

        SCEditor: BBCode Editor

    3 User Roles

        Moderator: moderators can perform all task as admin except users, settings and delete rights

        Member: Forum member can create threads, add replies.

    Forum Statistics with

        Total thread

        Total Replies

        Total members (users including the admins & mods)

    Today’s Events

        Logins: The list of users logged in

        Birthdays: The list of the users who are celebrating birthday